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Only 29% of North American Workers Are Psychologically Committed to Their Jobs and Making Positive Contributions to Their Organizations ~ Gallup 2013

The most valuable resource of every organization is their people. However, that resource needs constant investment before it can grow and flourish. If not, it’s unlikely you will ever see the potential you thought you were hiring.

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Team Training for Business Professionals and Executives - Ron Kardashian

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Ron Kardashian’s team training program is designed to test, push and rally your workforce to become the individuals they’ve always wanted to be and the team you always thought they could be. Coach Ron’s program is founded on the principle that investments in personal growth are key to fostering an individual’s feeling of personal value to the organization. The more valued the individual feels, the greater their sense of organizational security and the more likely they are to confidently unleash their full creative and analytical skills. Without the personal development investment, your organization may only be getting a fraction of your workforce’s talent.

“Ron Kardashian is a brilliant motivator, speaker, coach and CEO. Entire leadership teams come away inspired from Ron’s electrifying presentations, able to chart new course of action.” ~ John Anderson, Council Chairman - Global Development Partners, Ltd.

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