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Superior Organizational Leadership Results in Increased Productivity

Ron Kardashian’s Elite Leadership program is designed for top-end leaders and performers, but is also customizable for organizations with executive teams of 5 or more senior leaders. This is a high-intensity corporate coaching assessment for every division of the executive’s personal life and company, including an analysis of corporate and personal values, strengths, obstacles, blind spots and an identification of your organization’s top performers.

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Executives in New Leadership Positions Require New Strategies and Tactics to Continue Their Success

According to the Center for Creative Leadership, 38%-50% of executives in new leadership positions are considered “outright failures” after just 18 months. How does this happen? Are organizations drastically underestimating their senior talent? Are talented executives resting on their success and doing just enough to maintain their status? No.

When confronted with new challenges, new personalities, new technologies and new surroundings, executives must adapt and overcome by learning new strategies and tactics to motivate, grow and succeed. Without growth and guidance, your executive team may be relying on leadership techniques not suited to their team and surroundings. Ron Kardashian’s Elite Leadership program develops your organizational leaders where and when it needs them, in order to build a solid foundation upon which opportunities for greater success can be created.

Coach Ron Kardashian’s is the Trusted Confidant and Advisor Your Elite Leadership Group Needs to Take Your Organization to the Next Level


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