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Companies Don't Run Companies, People Do…

Peak Business Success Requires Balancing Personal Well Being to Achieve Your Optimum Human Performance 

Ron Kardashian began his career as a Licensed National Strength and Conditioning Association  coach in the fitness industry. He soon discovered that physical strength alone was not the key to becoming a champion athlete. At some point in the journey of elite athletes, the physical playing field evens out. What separates champions from the merely elite is a mental, physical, spiritual and emotional balance that allows champions to become superior human performers, achieving things others only dream of. After studying what drove the performance of these champions, Ron developed the "Business Physiology Coaching System", a unique blend of business and executive coaching from an athletic coaching perspective. Ron Kardashian’s mission became to adapt the mindset of athletic champions to the world of elite thinkers and business people. That was twenty years ago. In the years since then Ron has become a trusted advisor and counselor to executives and billionaires all over the world. His life and business coaching system has helped them surpass their already impressive list of achievements and propel them into the stratosphere of champion human performance levels. Acting as their trusted confidant, Ron Kardashian’s coaching program helps elite thinkers develop the personal balance needed to monetize their whole person. 

“So often we look back at the closed doors behind us that we can’t see the new door, or opportunity ahead. We get stuck in those moments of transition and it slows everything down, including your business. Even CEO’s of huge corporations can cause a drag on their companies when their lives are out of balance. We help people get unstuck from those moments and move them forward. We help you find balance so you can perform better. Then we teach you to maintain that performance level.” ~ Coach Ron Kardashian

Managers Can Be Developed Anywhere...Ron Kardashian Develops Leaders

As a Chief Executive Advisor, Ron Kardashian is a trusted confidant to high potential individuals. As such, Ron’s coaching program is built around 3 pillars:

  1. Assess the symptoms impeding your transition to greatness;
  2. Activate you by focusing you on the solutions to your obstacles; and
  3. Accelerate your growth by helping you navigate the fog clouding your mental acuity.

Your success depends on...

  • Desire for change and growth. Ron Kardashian specializes in spotting your organizational and personal blind spots. The most successful executives are those who seek solutions to fuel upward progress and constant evolution. For these leaders, good is not "good enough".
  • The right fit. We don't work with everyone and neither should you. Common values and beliefs are essential in what we do. Our bond has to be founded on mutual trust.
  • A commitment to people. Ron Kardashian's Executive Training program was developed as an extension of his spiritual mission to improve the health and well being of others. Therefore, our system has the most success when executives implement the program throughout their organization, investing in and empowering their people so they may find their own fulfillment.
  • A commitment to you. Top level managers must be committed to allowing executives to complete our training program once coaching sessions begin. Everyone wants to see transformative results as fast as possible, but change takes time. Your organization must be committed to the change and development process. 

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